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Why We Ride

Why do you ride snowmobiles? This is a question I am frequently asked by non-snowmobilers or those who have only dabbled in the sport. This question is usually accompanied with perturbed questions such as: “Why waste time and money on something you can only use a few months out of the year?”, “Why would you want to be out in temperatures below freezing?”, “Why do you bother buying a snowmobile, it never snows?”, “Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on something more important?”

On top of this, the media constantly berates the season of winter. Not a day passes between December and March when I do not hear on the news: “Don’t you just love these warm temps?” “It is unseasonably warm, doesn’t it feel great?” News anchors frequently jockey the weather man to “bring back summer” or deride him/her for bringing about “this miserable cold.” 


Among the many naysayers, uninformed, non-adventurous, or warm weather types, I have many answers to the question; “Why do you ride?” I ride because snowmobiling gives me an outlet from all of life's day to day stresses. It takes me to a place few others go or can access. It brings me closer to nature and the sights and sounds of winter. It perks my curiosity about what may be around the next corner or over the next bluff. It’s the sound of a 160 hp motor, howling down the trail. It’s the adrenaline rush from the pull of the power and the snow falling off the trees as you pass them by. It’s the social time with new and old friends alike after a long day's ride. It’s exploring new territory, like a traveler of the Old West. 


Snowmobiling is one of the last activities that allows us to get away from the world we live in and escape to one that only few know. I do not get frustrated when posed the question, “Why do you ride?” In fact, I don’t even bother to try and convince someone of the reasons why. Instead, that simple question gives me the opportunity to reaffirm my love for the sport of snowmobiling. I ride because there is nothing in the world that compares; and maybe that is a secret best kept to those who do.  Why do your ride?